Erhardt ERKO Contact Systems

High current contact systems for electroplating systems

The high-current contact systems are made of cast copper and are therefore very robust against mechanical influences. Copper is also a very good conductor material, which ensures low resistance.
Our high-current contact systems are used in electroplating systems, anodizing systems or even in the manufacture of printed circuit boards.

Range of services

High current contact systems
250-12000 A

contact block simple with base plate Typ K

High current contact head
1000 + 2000 A

High current contact head Typ KK

Plastic bearing block
250-12000 A

Plastic bearing block

Your advantages:

  • Few wear parts and no control elements
  • Contact pressure behaves analogously to the loading weight
  • No heat generation
  • Suitable for fully automatic systems
  • Fast batch change
  • Optimal current transfer
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long lifetime
  • Self-tensioning

High current contact block

contact block simple Typ E

The contact block consists basically of two massive fixed contact forks.
When introducing the carrying rail, a vertically movable wedge is pressed downwards, to establish a safe frictional connection.

The contact pressure applied will always correspond to the carried weight of the rail plus loads carried.

The wedge is spring-loaded and thus tolerates some movement in the direction of the rail, compensating for some irregularity in the plane-parallel contact faces and some bending of the rail.

When lifting the rail, it is easily released, so that neither introducing nor removing the rail produces any adverse friction.

Self-clamping quick-release contact head for electroplating frames

The ERKO® contact head FK is pushed from top to bottom onto the were rail or cathode rail. A spring-loaded clamping plate presses the were rail against the contact surface of the contact head.

The contact heads must be designed for the respective width of the were rail. These should not exceed or fall below a tolerance range of ± 0.5 mm. The spring preload does not increase when the weight of the goods carrier increases.

High current contact head, type FK
High current contact head type FK
High current contact head, type KK
High current contact head Typ KK
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